Document Management Module

The Document Management Module is an add-on that extends the capabilities of our Skills Manager software by enabling you to link digital documents and other digital resources to records stored in your database.

Documents can be linked to employees, courses, and organizations. Once they are linked, you’ll be able to view, edit and print documents from the comfort of your desk with just clicks of your mouse. Imagine the convenience of having employment forms, performance reviews, field training reports, course certificates, exams and more at your fingertips when working with any employee record. Or, quickly access lesson plans, attendance sheets, and instructor resources like power points and prepared tests from any course record.

This module reduces costs and increases productivity! The speedy document retrieval eliminates tedious, time-consuming searches through filing cabinets and computer network folders. And unlike paper documents that can be in only one physical location, digital documents can be viewed by multiple users simultaneously.

The module also reduces printing and storage costs associated with paper documents. Some users have eliminated thousands of paper documents and numerous filing cabinets after installing this module. Documents can be nearly any kind of computer file created in various software applications. Attach scanned images, digital photos, word processing documents, spreadsheets, text files, web pages, and more. Store original documents in shared network folders where they are accessible to all Skills Manager users. Create and organize your network folders manually or let the software do it for you – automatically!

The Document Management Module is tightly integrated with Skills Manager, so no additional database is required. When the module is activated new features appear throughout Skills Manager. For example, new buttons will appear on the Employee, Course and Agency forms. Skills Manager can even create document folders for employees, courses, and agencies stored in your database automatically saving you from this tedious task and ensuring that all folders are named consistently.

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